About Us

About Us

In March of 2010 Elena Ragozhina, Olga Makharinskiy and Karina Baldry established a new Charity called Chance for Life. The idea behind Chance for Life is to create a bridge and provide additional assistance to several charitable organizations supporting orphanages in Russia.

Elena Ragozhina and Olga Makharinsky have been Directors of Diema’s Dream Charitable Foundation for many years. The company was founded by Mary Dudley, and over the years it has done an incredible job in helping children in Moscow’s Orphanage Number 8, providing them with much-needed care and medical assistance. Diema’s Dream Charitable Foundation has also established a Day Centre for disabled children in two provincial towns.

In new project our long-time friend and supporter, Karine Baldry, joins us as a third Director of the Charity.

Directors Chance for Life LTD:

Elena Ragozhina

Tel.: 020 7353 5370
Fax: 020 7353 5375

Olga Makharinsky

Tel.: 07836 278 139

Karine Baldry

Tel.: 07974 256 755

Russian Media House

C/O Chance for Life

3rd F 23 Tavistock Street,  2-4 Catherine Street,  London WC2E 7NX